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This is a WE project. Together, we succeed on behalf of our collective well-being and future generations. Wild Love Preserve's Legacy Campaign is multi-tiered to raise project funding for operations and the acquisition of Wild Love Preserve's 10,000-acre permanently protected wildlife preserve in the heart of Idaho wild horse country.

We invite you to join us on this epic adventure to ensure a legacy of lasting wildness for Idaho's wild horses and wild places.

Wild Love Preserve is a unique legacy project in which the iconic wild mustang - a symbol of pure Americana, unbridled freedom, power, determination, and the wild west - leads our way to protecting indigenous wild places as an interconnected and balanced whole for generations to come. Wild Love Preserve's preservation of this American legacy speaks to our greater good and collective well-being, by way of bridging divides and bringing stakeholders together in a new light. Cornerstone to Wild Love Preserve is that we are holistic, centering on sustainability.

Our Wild Love Preserve Legacy Fund supports our innovative and inclusive wild horse conservation program, education platform, comprehensive range health, and the purchase of our 10,000-acre wildlife preserve. This remarkable 10,000-acre wild expanse, teeming with native wildlife, is central to our legacy project and will be protected in perpetuity, ensuring the lasting wildness of this indigenous environment and serving as permanent home to our current 136 Challis-Idaho wild horses, and future Idaho wild horses. 

Thank you for considering Wild Love Preserve in your legacy. That which we do today, shapes our tomorrow, and together we ensure a lasting legacy of wildness for Idaho's wild horses and wild places. Questions? Please inquire at info@wildlovepreserve.org.

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Wild Love Preserve is a Registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit, Effective August 2010, Tax ID #27-3729450